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Anne Fagermo is a genuine country soul, born and raised with a love for the open road, heartfelt lyrics, and the timeless sounds of americana music. With a voice that echoes the spirit of the heartland and a storytelling prowess that tugs at the heartstrings. 


In the spring of 2023 Anne participated in The Voice Norway where she had Espen Lind as her coach. All the way to the live shows ANNE gave the Norwegian people a taste of her beautiful voice and sound. She made the mentors and audience cry several times by her performances. 

"The way Anne perform a song is maybe the noblest art of singing" - Espen Lind


Her music is much inspired by artist like Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift and Brandi Carlile. After her cover of Springsteen's "I'm On Fire" on The Voice Norway, her performance went viral on TikTok. 


October 13th 2023 she released the song "Judge Tenderly Of Me" with Country-artist Dag Erik Oksvold. They competed with the self-written song in the Norwegian National Selection for Eurovision Song Contest (Melodi Grand Prix) in early 2024. They finished in 5th place, performing in Trondheim Spektrum for almost 9000 people and a million people at home.


Soon you will hear more music from the Americana girl with an EP on the way. Singles will be released throughout the spring and the EP will be released in autumn 2024.

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